IBC – What are they?
IBC companies, commonly known as offshore companies, are perfectly legitimate companies and effectively respond to the requirements of International Tax Planning only if members comply with the tax laws of their country of residence (eg: in Italy the Determination of Financial Assets and/or participation abroad should be indicated in the RW box). IBCs are legal entities established in countries with a beneficial tax system (called Countries with a preferential taxation), only if companies have business outside the country of registration or that the activities are not exercised in the territory of registration.

IBC – Characteristics:
A) They must be classified as juridical persons in the jurisdictions (states) in which they are constituted;
B) The founding members must have their residence outside the states in which the companies are incorporated;
C) The company must carry out its entire activity outside the State in which it is established.

IBC – Why?
IBCs are certainly convenient for all those activities that are not related to a specific territorial characterization, that is to say mediation, intangible asset management and e-commerce activities. They are also affordable for holding companies or for protecting static assets.

Our consultants, especially experienced in international tax issues and constantly updated on the continuous evolution of national and international standards, are able to assess whether the creation of an IBC company is suitable for you.
They will advise you (in accordance with current legislation) in choosing the nation and type of company that best suits your needs and they will take care of all the phases related to the constitution and maintenance of the company itself.

Our motto is “Your success is our success”

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